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Maximising Success for Shop Ads

Tips on Improving Your Ad Landing Page

While Shop Ads can give you enhanced exposure, you still need an attractive landing page to generate interest and orders from shoppers. 

How do I make my shop attractive to shoppers?

  1. Design your shop page with layouts distinct to your brand to engage shoppers, see tips below:
  2. Shop Decoration Guide (Premium)
  3. Create a positive and credible image for your shop, see tips below:
  4. Enhance Your Product and Shop for Successful Advertising

How do I create a compelling product collection?

  1. Choose similar or related products to create a cohesive product collection that matches your Shop Ad’s keywords, tagline and picture
  2. For example:
  3. Products chosen: Running Shoes 
  4. Ad tagline: “Run better with high performance sneakers”
  5. Ad picture: Your best-selling running shoes from the product collection
  6. Keywords bid for: “running shoes”, “jogging shoes”, “marathon shoes”, “sprint shoes”, “run shoes”
  7. Make your product price competitive, see tips for Setting Product Discounts
  8. For more information on creating product collection, click here

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