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Keyword Ads introduction

Help shoppers find and purchase your products with ads that appear in prominent positions on Shopee search results. 

Why should I use Keyword Ads?

  1. Boost exposure 

Show your ads where shoppers are most likely to see them, such as at the top of search results.

  1. Grow sales

Widen your reach to potential shoppers who are searching using keywords related to your advertised listings.

  1. Control spending

Control how much you spend by setting a budget and the amount you want to bid for clicks.

How do I get started?

  1. Choose the products you want to advertise

Before you start, make sure that your product title, pictures and descriptions are updated. 

  1. Choose product-relevant keywords 

Let Shopee manage your keywords, or add your own.

  1. Set a bid price for each keyword you've chosen

The bid price is the highest amount you are willing to pay for each click on the ad. 

  1. Set your budget and duration for the ads

Your ads will run until your 

  1. Budget runs out
  2. Ads Credit runs out
  3. Ad duration comes to an end

How will I be charged?

You will only be charged when shoppers click on your ads. The cost is deducted from your Ads Credit. 

To protect sellers, Shopee's system auto-detects invalid clicks, such as repeated clicks from the same user or automated clicks, which you will not be charged for.

How will my ads be ranked?

When multiple sellers bid for the same keyword, other ads may appear alongside yours on the search results page.

Your ad ranking is determined by your ad rank score. A higher rank score means a better ad ranking (i.e. closer to the top of the search results page). Your rank score is influenced by 2 factors: 

1. Cost-per-click bid price is the highest price you are willing to pay when a shopper clicks on your ad. 

  1. The higher the bid price, the higher the rank score
  2. The actual price charged is often less than your bid price, as the system calculates and charges the minimum amount you need to pay to hold your ad position

Quality score is determined by:

  1. How relevant your product is to your chosen keywords
  2. Your ad's click-through-rate
  3. Click-through-rate is the percentage of times users clicked on your ad after viewing it
  4. Click-through-rate is higher for ads with attractive pictures, relevant titles and good product ratings

For example, if 3 sellers are bidding for the same keyword:

Where do Keyword Ads appear?

A maximum of 60 Keyword Ads will be shown in search results for any single keyword, whether on mobile or desktop.

  1. On mobile

Keyword Ads are displayed as the first 2 product listings in the search results page. Thereafter, 1 ad is displayed after every 3 listings

  1. On desktop

Keyword Ads are displayed as the first 5 product listings in the search results page. Thereafter, 5 ads are displayed after every 40 listings

Can I edit my Keyword Ads after it has begun?

You can add or delete keywords, edit bid price or budget, shorten or extend your ad duration anytime.  

Can I track the performance of my Keyword Ads?

You can track the performance of your Keyword Ads up to the past 90 days. Simply check the dashboard on the Keyword Ads home page to track the number of views, clicks, orders and other metrics generated by your ads.

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