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Top Up Your Ads Credit

Your ads are charged based on the number of times shoppers click on them. All your ads will stop running once you've used up your Ads Credit. To ensure your ads run smoothly, top up your Ads Credit before setting up your ads.

Do note that:

How do I top up my Ads Credit? 

1. From your top up tab, you'll be able to see your credit balance and purchase Ads Credit by clicking Top Up

2. To top up, select your preferred top up amount

3. [Optional] Input voucher code for discounts on your ads credits (available when accessing My Ads on browser only)

4. Click Place Order and check out

Note: The amount may be credited to your account 30 minutes after top up during high traffic.

How do I set up Auto Top-Up?

Auto Top-Up allows you to top up your Ads Credit from your Seller Wallet automatically, when your Ads Credit fall below a minimum threshold amount.

1. Click Top Up

2. Toggle on Auto Top-Up to begin set up

3. Specify the minimum threshold amount in Condition

4. Specify the Auto Top-Up amount in Top-Up Amount 

5. Click Agree after reading the terms and conditions of Auto Top-Up

6. Enter your Seller Wallet PIN to authorise Auto Top-Up

7. If you don't have a Seller Wallet PIN, you will be prompted to set one up

a. Create a Seller Wallet PIN

b. Re-enter the PIN to confirm

c. Enter One-Time Password sent to your registered mobile phone

8. To change your minimum threshold or Auto Top-Up amount after setting up, select Change Setting

9. Toggle off to stop Auto Top-Up

What happens if I have insufficient Seller Wallet balance?

If you have insufficient Seller Wallet balance for Auto Top-Up, Shopee will send a notification to you and retry Auto Top-Up 3 times in the next 24 hours, followed by once a day for one month. After one month of failed top up, the Auto Top-Up function will be turned off. You are advised to perform a manual top-up if you want to replenish your Ads Credit immediately.

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