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How to Use Targeting Ads Right

How do I choose the right products?

Select the right products to advertise based on your business goals:

  1. Grow sales 

Focus on bestsellers with great sales performance and products with great selling potential, such as promotional items.

  1. Boost profit
  2. Focus on bestsellers, especially those with high profit margin.

  1. Increase exposure of new products

Choose new products to boost their exposure and test their market potential.

As a rule of thumb, these products work best for Targeting Ads:

  1. Product with a lower price but equal quality, compared to similar products by competitors. 
  2. Product with more and higher ratings, compared to similar products by competitors.

What should I set for my bid price, budget and time length?

  1. If you're new to Targeting Ads, set the minimum bid price of RM0.04 per click, review ad performance after 2 weeks and increase bid price if greater ad traffic is needed
  2. Use the suggested bid price for better ad exposure.
  3. Targeting Ads are set to “No Budget Limit” and “No Time Limit” by default. Use this setting if you like your ad to have sustained exposure.
  4. You can select “Set Budget” using Daily Budget or Total Budget to manage ad cost.
  5. You can select “Set Start/End Date” if you have a specific duration in mind for your ad campaign (e.g. advertising during festive period).

What is premium rate and how should I set it? 

  1. Premium rate allows you to increase bid price(s) for each display location during set up to obtain better ad traffic.
  2. For example, if your bid price is RM0.10 for Similar Products and your premium rate is 50%, the final bid price for Similar Products is RM0.15 based on the formula RM0.10 x (100% + 50%).
  3. Set a competitive premium rate if the advertised product(s) has high selling potential and high profit margin.
  4. If unsure, you can always leave the premium rate as 0%. Review your performance after 2 weeks and increase bid price for more traffic if performance is good.

How should I review and optimise my Targeting Ads? 

Run your ads for at least 2 weeks to ensure that you have enough data for analysis. 

  1. If your ad has 50-100 clicks but no orders, consider improving the product detail page with more attractive pictures, title and description, while ensuring a competitive price. If your ad still does not have any order after these changes, consider stopping the ad.
  2. If your ad has orders, you can increase the bid price if you want more traffic. If you are aiming to maximise profit, make sure your Cost Income Ratio (CIR) does not exceed your product profit margin.
  3. CIR measures the percentage of your ad spend relative to the revenue generated by your ad
  4. Check that your advertised product's CIR is lower than your product's profit margin to ensure that you are profiting from ads
  5. For example, if product A is sold at RM10 and your product cost is RM4, your profit margin is 60%, your product's CIR should be lower than 60% 
  6. Lower your bid price if your CIR has exceeded your product profit margin.
  7. Find your product's CIR in the Product Statistics section of the Targeting Ads homepage.

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