General Tips

Scaling Up Your Sales from Ads

Have you successfully generated orders from Search Ads but want to get more sales? Here are some tips for you! 

1. Create better sales from your existing Search Ads

Make your current ads work optimally for you, before you start creating new ads. 


1. Optimise your existing Product Search Ads after running them for 2 weeks.   

a. Increase bid price for keywords with good ROI and low ad ranking. 

b. Set Broad Match keywords with low ROI to Exact Match.

c. Click here for more optimization tips. 

2. Improve your product's price competitiveness, image and description. Click here for more information. 

2. Use Discovery Ads 

By using both Search Ads and Discovery Ads to advertise your products, you can show your products in the three sections on Shopee that receive the highest traffic (i.e. homepage, search results page and relevant product detail pages). 


1. Set up Discovery Ads for all products already advertised using Search Ads.

2. Activate your Discovery Ads in all display locations, i.e. Similar Products, You May Also Like and Daily Discover.

3. Learn how to mass set up Discovery Ads here.

3. Advertise more products 


1. Advertise all your best-selling, high-profit-margin and new products with both Search Ads and Discovery Ads.

2. If you are short on time, consider using Auto Selected Keywords for your Product Search Ads. Our system will help you select keywords and optimise your bid price over time. Auto Selected Keywords is currently open to only selected sellers. Read more here

3. If you are away from the laptop, you can set up more Search Ads and Discovery Ads for your products via the Shopee app.

  1. In your Shopee app's Me tab, tap on My Shop at the top of the page
  2. Scroll down and tap into "Shopee Ads"
  3. Click "Create Ads" on the Shopee Ads homepage

4. Use Search Ads to advertise your shop

If you're a Preferred Seller or Official Store, you can use Search Ads to advertise your shop and direct buyers to your shop page or product collection page to purchase your products. 


1. Click here for Shop Search Ads set up tips. 

2. Click here for Shop Search Ads optimization tips. 

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