General Tips

Manage your Transactions Details and Invoices

To access your billing records

  1. Log into the Seller Centre in your browser and click on "Shopee Ads".
  2. Click onTransaction Details”.
  3. You will be able to view the daily expenses deducted from your Ads credit.

Shopee Ads provides you with the flexibility to view the expenses incurred over a specific period by selecting your desired time frame. Additionally, we’ve made it possible for you to separate the types of transactions for a seamless bookkeeping experience to track your ads spend.

You can download these data through “Export Data”.

Do note to regularly export your data as the server only stores 90 days worth of data for you. 

For all Shopee Ads credit purchased, a tax invoice will also be issued along with the income statement.

  1. To locate these data, go to Shopee Seller Centre and click on “My Income”.
  2. Enter your account password. 3. View your Income Statements and Tax invoices.

Shopee Ads Education Video-On-Demand

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To access your billing records

Shopee Ads Education Video-On-Demand