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How to Manage Shopee Ads Spend Well

How will I be charged?

You only pay when shoppers click on your ads. Exposure is free. 

How do I manage my ad spend?

You can manage your ad spend in two ways: 

a) Setting Your Ad's Cost-Per-Click Bid Price

Bid price refers to the highest amount that you are willing to pay for each click. As a guide,

b) Setting Ad Budget

Set No Limit for your ad budget to maximise your ad exposure, but if you’re concerned with ad cost when your first start using Shopee Ads, you can set a daily or total budget cap. Your ad spend will never exceed your set budget.

What is the minimum bid price for each Shopee ad type?

RM0.04 for Discovery Ads, RM0.07 for Product Search Ads and RM0.08 for Shop Search Ads.

I have a small advertising budget, can I use Shopee Ads? 

Absolutely. Prioritise your advertising spend on selected products that have great conversion potential (e.g. your best sellers, products with competitive price and great ratings) to see the best results. 

How much should I invest in Shopee Ads when I first start?

We recommend that you set advertising budget of at least RM25 per advertised product.

How does billing work for Shopee Ads? 

Shopee Ads works on a prepaid basis. Top up your ads credit before you start advertising. Click here to learn more. Your ads will not be shown if your ads credit is zero. 

You can view the charges debited from your ads credit in the Transaction Details section of Ads (in the Shopee Seller Centre). 

Will I be charged for persistent manual clicks by the same user or automated clicking tools? 

Shopee's system filters out such invalid clicks, which you will not be charged for. 

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